An announcement is a multimedia message (text, image or video) that an Administrator broadcasts to a defined set of users.

Administrator can broadcast announcements to learners informing them about the occurrence of an event or an activity. Announcement can be a combination of text, images, or videos. You can link learning objects like courses, learning programs and certifications to an announcement.

Create announcements

  1. As an Administrator user, click Announcements at the left pane.

  2. Click Add at the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. In the Message field, add the message for the announcement. You can also add a URL for announcements here. However, you must add the URL in the HTML form. 

    For example, <a href="" target="_blank">Visit W3Schools</a>.

    When you specify the target as blank, then when a user clicks the announcement URL, the link opens in a new tab. If you do not specify the target, the link opens in the same browser.

    Create announcements in Captivate Prime
    Create announcement dialog box

  4. Optionally add attachments such as images or video files for the announcement.

  5. Choose the target user groups or the target learning objects. You can choose only one of them for an announcement.

    Start typing the user group name in the text box and choose from the drop-down list. Similarly, choose the learning object by typing the object name in the text-box.

    Select the target for your announcement
    Select the target for your announcement

  6. Click Advanced Settings from the dialog box. You can perform the following actions:

    • Make this announcement a sticky announcement by selecting the Enable Sticky Announcement checkbox.
    • Select the delivery time for the announcement.
    Enable Sticky Announcement and set delivery timeline for announcements
    Enable Sticky Announcement and set delivery timeline for announcements

  7. Choose On a date if you want to schedule announcement for a later date and click the text area adjacent to it. A calendar pop-up appears, from which you can choose the start date. Choose the end date by following the same steps.

  8. Click Save.

  9. In Drafts tab, click settings icon  adjacent to an announcement and click send.


If the multimedia attachment is of large size, it may take time to upload. After you click Save, you would receive a pop-up with a message as your upload is being processed. You will receive a notification after the attachment is uploaded successfully.

Draft, scheduled and sent list

In Administrator login, you can view all the announcements in three tabs such as Drafts, Scheduled and Sent.

Drafts, Scheduled and Sent
Drafts, Scheduled and Sent


In Drafts tab, you can view all the announcements that are created by an Administrator but not yet broadcast or not yet scheduled for broadcast.

By default, all the announcements are set for immediate broadcast. If you choose settings>send option for an un-scheduled announcement, then it is broadcast immediately. To schedule an announcement broadcast , you have to choose the start and end date in Advanced settings.


In Scheduled tab, you can view all the announcements that are scheduled for broadcast at a later date.


n Sent tab, you can view all the announcements that are broadcast already.