This chart indicates which features are supported for each platform.  



Android Windows Web Viewer Notes

Web-based app building (iOS, Android, Windows, Web Viewer)


Preview unpublished content


AEM Preflight app


Custom cards and layouts


Custom fonts in cards

Direct entitlement


Single collection purchases


Store subscriptions

Both Standard and All Access subscriptions are supported.

Social sharing (share from app)

Social sharing (view share)

Shared link can go to landing page or specific URL.
Article preview and metering

Threshold can be set for day, week, or month. Threshold applies to all articles in the app.

Phone-only and tablet-only collections


Phone-only and tablet-only apps




In-App Messaging


Push notifications (background downloads)


Push notifications (text notifications)

Push notifications available through either Portal or Marketing Cloud.

Interactive overlays (InDesign)

In iOS apps, background audio can continue to play when users switch to another app if you select an option when building the app.

Responsive HTML articles

HTML articles can reflow to fill the screen area of any device.

Fixed layout articles from InDesign

Fixed-layout articles can be displayed on any device, scaled and letterboxed as needed.

Smooth scrolling or page-snap articles


Branding image in app menu


Custom app menu entries


Explicit collection downloading


Preventing horizontal navigation in collections


In-App Search