Export images from any camera angle with real-time or ray-trace rendering, to get the speed and level of photorealism you need.

What you learned: Edit, preview, and render photorealistic images

Rendering is the process used to determine what pixels will be shown on the screen.  There are two types of rendering in Dimension.

  • Real-time rendering, which is fast and keeps system resource usage lower
  • Ray-trace rendering, which mimics reality by bouncing rays of light around the scene and can achieve photorealism, but is more resource intensive

Use Render Preview mode

While working in Design mode of Dimension, you can enable Render Preview mode in the canvas.  Render Preview lets you see a quick draft of the rendered results.  It will automatically blend between real-time while editing then fade the ray-trace preview in.  Use Render Preview mode to make choices about lighting, materials, shadows, and reflections while working.

Export snapshots for quick previews

  • Click the Share icon to open the Share menu
  • Use Snapshot As PNG to save the current canvas to your system clipboard or hard drive

Export photorealistic renders

  • Switch to Render mode
  • Choose which camera views you want to use
  • Choose quality and format options
  • Click the Render button to begin rendering


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