Get a digital ID (signing certificate)

To apply a cloud signature on a document in Adobe Acrobat Sign, you will need to use a digital identity (digital ID) to securely prove that you are who you say you are. Similar to a passport in electronic form, using a digital ID provides a higher level of assurance that you authorized your e-signature on a specific document.

You can get a new digital ID or, in some instances, use an existing digital ID to also obtain a digital signing certificate that you can use with cloud signatures in Acrobat  Sign. Acrobat Sign cloud signatures are the next generation of remote digital signatures where the signer’s digital signing certificate is stored in the cloud. Digital ID’s that work with Acrobat Sign cloud signatures may be obtained from different types of providers including:

Trust Service Provider (TSP)

A Trust Service Provider (TSP) which provides secure identity and transaction, registration authority, certificate authority, and/or timestamp authority services. TSPs issue digital identity certificates that can be used to create and validate cloud signatures. If a qualified e-signature (QES) is needed, then the signer must obtain a qualified signing certificate from a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). A TSP may also be an Identity Provider (IdP) or rely on a trusted 3rd party IdP for identity verification.

Identity Provider (IdP)

An Identity Provider (IdP) is usually a government or private sector organization (such as a bank) that provides a locally trusted digital identification service. During the onboarding process, the identity of the individual is thoroughly verified before they are issued a digital ID that can be used for everyday financial or other citizen transactions and to sign documents in Acrobat Sign.

How to get a signing certificate

To sign documents using a cloud signature in Acrobat Sign, you must use a signing certificate from one of the Trust Service Providers (TSP) with an integration to Acrobat Sign. To obtain a signing certificate:

Sign online with a cloud-based digital ID

  1. Choose a Trust Service Provider (TSP).
  2. Enroll per the provider’s instructions to get your signing certificate.
  3. Then restart the signing process and select your new signing certificate to e-sign the document.

Once you have set up your signing certificate with your digital ID, all you need to use a cloud signature in Acrobat Sign is to authenticate your identity using your personal PIN (and/or other verification steps) then authorize your signature on the agreement.

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