The Adobe Admin Console provides a central location for managing your Adobe entitlements across your entire organization.

When you are invited to the Admin Console as an admin, you receive an email invitation. You must accept it to get started.


Overview: View a summary of the licenses purchased and the amount of storage available with each plan. Learn more...


Users: Create, search, update, and remove user accounts, which entitle the end users to Adobe products and services. Learn more...


Accounts: As Teams administrators, perform license management and user management. Learn more...


Products: Assign licenses to users and groups. As an Enterprise customer, you can manage product profiles. Learn more...


Packages: Download pre-configured packages or create them for Creative Cloud apps that you plan to deploy. Learn more...


Settings: Claim domains, define password requirements, limit access to sharing features, add notes for end users. Learn more...

If you are unable to sign in to the Admin Console, see Solve Adobe account sign-in issues.


The Overview efficiently displays a wealth of information around product licenses. It shows the status of licenses in your plan—the number of licenses assigned out of the total available ones.

There are also some quick links available to add users and admins.

Org picker

If you're an administrator for multiple organizations, you can switch to another organization using the org picker.

An administrator can belong to multiple organizations. If a company has multiple subsidiaries that exist as separate organizations, or each subsidiary has a separate license agreement, the same administrator can be assigned to all.

Org picker



The Products page of the Admin Console lets you assign product licenses to users. To assign a product license to a user or group, select the desired product in the Products page, and click Add User. 

Type the name or email address for a user, or the name of a user group. You can add new users by entering their email address. Click Save. An email is sent to the user or group confirming access to the Creative Cloud app.

For more information, see:


The Products page of the Admin Console provides the options to manage your products and product profiles. Product profiles let you enable all or a subset of Adobe applications and services available in a plan and customize settings associated with a given product or plan. You can then assign administrators, called Product Administrators, to the product profiles. These administrators add end users to the product profiles that they manage.

For more information, see:


The Users page lets you create, search, update, and remove user accounts. These user accounts entitle the end users in your organization to Adobe products and services. For more information, see:


The Packages page in the Admin Console provides the following functionality. Use them when you plan to deploy Creative Cloud and Document Cloud applications to end users in your Enterprise.

  • Download pre-configured packages by using Adobe Templates.
  • Create customized Named User Licensing or Shared Device Licensing (for educational institutions) packagers with the configuration and applications you want your end users to have.
  • Enable email notifications, so you get notified when new product versions become available.
  • View previous packages you or other administrators in your organization have created. Also, view details of a specific package and track available updates for the apps in the package.
  • Download the IT tools like Remote Update Manager and Adobe Update Server Setup Tool.
  • Download the Adobe Extension Manager command-line tool to install extensions and plug-ins from the ZXP file container format.

For more information, see Packaging apps via the Admin Console.


If you are a VIP customer, the Accounts page of the Admin Console provides options to manage your organization's Adobe software and users. Use the options to easily perform license and user management tasks. You can renew your licenses purchased through Teams membership. You can also perform the following tasks:

  • View details of products and licenses in the current plan
  • View renewal period
  • Add products
  • Edit payment details 
  • Change the contract owner
  • View upcoming bill details
  • View, print, and download your invoices

For more information, see Manage your Teams account.


If you are an ETLA customer, contact your Adobe Account executive.


Depending on if you have a teams or enterprise plan, you can update or modify the following settings in the Admin Console.

Privacy and security contacts

In the event of a security incident involving our software solutions, notifications are sent to the appropriate compliance officers. To help ensure prompt notification, as a System admin, you must specify who your security, data protection, and compliance officers are. For details, see Privacy and security contacts.

Console settings

Using Console Settings you can add custom notes for your end users to communicate with them about how to get assistance if they encounter issues or require support.

Choose a default email language for your organization, to receive emails about the account statuses, such as subscription changes or credit card expiration. If you have a teams membership purchased directly from Adobe, you can change your team name from the Console Settings.

Content logs

As a System administrator, you can download detailed reports on how end users are working with corporate assets, such as folders, files, and libraries. These reports are called content logs

Identity (Enterprise only)

Identity types allow the organizations to have different levels of control over user's account and data. It impacts how your organization stores and shares assets.

Asset settings (Enterprise only)

Asset Settings give an organization control over how its employees share its assets outside the organization. Asset Settings are used along with other organizational policy enforcement systems (not provided by Adobe) to ensure that assets are only shared with appropriate external individuals and organizations.

Authentication settings (Enterprise only)

Authentication settings support several password protection levels and policies to ensure safety and security. You can specify a password protection level to apply to all users across your organization.

Encryption settings (Enterprise only)

Encryption settings generate a dedicated encryption key for extra layers of control and security.


To contact Adobe Customer Care, navigate to the Support tab in the Admin Console. This page lets you do the following:

  • Manage your support cases (Enterprise only)
  • Create cases (Enterprise only)
  • Connect with Adobe Customer Care representatives  
  • Schedule Expert Sessions
  • Browse popular Help Topics and forums

To learn more about Support options, see Support and Expert Sessions.

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