AEM Mobile Signing Tool or DPS App Builder applications fail to launch or show no UI
When attempting to launch either the AEM Mobile Signing Tool or DPS App Builder application on Mac OS, the application fails to launch or shows its application menu but no window. The Mac Console shows an error, "You can’t save the file “DPS App Builder” because the volume <random string> is read only."


Mac OS


The applications are attempting to make self-modifications but permission issues are preventing the changes.


  1. Copy the app to the Desktop.
  2. Double-click copy from the Desktop.
  3. Once the launch is confirmed to be successful, quit the app.
  4. Copy the app back to the Applications folder replacing the initial copy.


  1. In the Finder, select the application.
  2. From the File menu, choose Get Info.
  3. In the Permissions section, note the current privileges (you'll be restoring these later), then unlock with admin credentials, if needed.
  4. Change the Privilege for entity "everyone" to read & write.
  5. Close the Info window.
  6. While holding the Control key, click the application icon and choose Show Package Contents.
  7. Select the Contents folder.
  8. From the File menu, choose Get Info.
  9. In the Permissions section, unlock with admin credentials, if needed.
  10. Change the Privilege for "everyone" to read & write.
  11. From the gear icon on the bottom of the window, choose to Apply to Enclosed Items.
  12. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.
  13. Launch the application.

If the application fails to launch, repeat the process for the named entity "wheel".

Once the application is launched correctly, repeat the methods changing the permissions to their previous state.

Additional information

If this procedure fails to correct your problem, contact Adobe Customer Care creating a ticket at the Adobe Experience Cloud / Contact Customer Care page. The ticketing system uses your Adobe ID. It's required that you are an authorized support contact for your organization. If you do not have access to the ticketing system, contact your local administrator, if possible. For more information, see Accessing the AEM Support Portal.