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You can share a collection (including a smart collection) that you create within Brand Portal. You can also share a collection that has been published to Brand Portal from AEM Assets. To share the collection with non-administrator users, use the Collection Settings dialog.

  1. Log in to Brand Portal as an administrator. 

  2. From the Brand Portal Collections console, select the collection you want to share with other users.

  3. From the toolbar, click the Collection Settings icon.

  4. In the Collection Settings dialog, add the user(s) for whom you want to publish the collection and then click/tap Save. When selecting a role for a user or group, align the role with the global role of the user/group. An global editor should be assigned the role of Editor for the collection. In contrast, a viewer should only be assigned the Viewer role for the collection.

  5. Log in to Brand Portal with the credentials of the user you added. The published collection is available in the interface.

UNSHARING Collections

As a Brand Portal administrator, you can unshare collections that you previously shared with non-administrator users using the Share Settings dialog.

  1. From the Brand Portal interface, select the collection you want to unshare.

  2. From the toolbar, select the Collection Settings icon.

  3. From the Collection Settings dialog, under Members, click the (X) symbol beside a user to remove the user from the list of users you shared the collection with.

  4. In the warning message, click Confirm to confirm your action.

  5. Log in to Brand Portal with the credentials of the user you removed from the shared list. The collection is no longer available in the Collections console of Brand Portal for the user.

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