CQ5.5 Service Pack 2 recommended hot fixes

After you upgrade CQ5.5 instance to the latest Service Pack 2, consider installing these recommended hot fixes.

  • NPR-2582 - References on moved pages not updated upon a page move
  • NPR-2555 - First deployment of system bundle fragment leads to shutdown of Felix
  • NPR-2661 - DAM doesn't search content from MS x documents (pptx, docx, xlsx)
  • NPR-2774 - Missing vanity URL validation breaks whole Sling Resource Resolver
  • NPR-2842 - XSS issues in the ootb foundation components
  • NPR-2474 - high memory usage during large replication 
  • NPR-2420 - replication performance improvements
  • NPR-3659 - Security hotfix (publicly available)

Optional hot fix (only necessary if you are facing a similar issue with a particular feature)

  • NPR-2783 - Version purge is broken with SP2.1 installed (which can cause a NullPointerException)

You can find all the above mentioned hot fixes from the Package Share's Public Section. You can access the Package Share with a registered user as mentioned here.


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