Error in rendering AEM pages


The following error message appears on rendering an AEM page:

Resource dumped by HtmlRendererServlet

The error message also lists Resource path, Resource metadata, Resource type, and a few other properties of the dumped resource. For example,

  • Resource path: /content/canadasitelfr/sante-canada/services/examen-et-approbation-medicaments-et-produit-sante/presentatios-cours-examen/jcr:content/par/text_0_1_16_23_1
  • Resource metadata: (sling.modificationTime=1483735020262, sling.characterEncoding=null, sling.contentType=null,
  • sling.creationTime=-1, sling.contentlength=-1, sling.resolutionPath=/content/canadasite/fr/sante-canada/services/examen-et­approbation-medicaments-et-produit-sante/presentations-cours-examen/jcr:content/par/text_ 0_1_16_23_1}
  • Resource type: nt:unstructured




The sling:resourceType property is not set for <which node>.


To resolve the issue, perform the following steps  

  1. Log in to CRXDE Lite with administrator credentials. The default URL of CRXDE lite is http://[server]:[port]/crx/de/index.jsp.

  2. Delete the resource that HTMLRendererServlet has dumped. For example, content/canadasite/fr/sante-canada/services/examen-et-approbation-medicaments-et-produit-sante/presentations-cours­examen/jcr:content/par/text_ 0 _ 1 _ 16 _23 _ 1

  3. Add the sling:resourceType property to [which node] and specify a correct value of [What].

  4. Click Save All. The issue is resolved.


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