Thread Dumps Collection and Analysis tool

Use the Thread Dump Collection and Analysis tool to take thread dumps from a running CQ instance for troubleshooting the following:

  • performance
  • lock contention.
  • deadlock
  • other thread-related issues

Download and installation

Using the tool

You can access the Thread Dump Collection and Analysis tool directly from a web browser at http://<host>:<port>/system/console/threadDumps

  1. To take thread dumps, enter the number of thread dumps to take and the interval of time between them. Then, click Generate Thread Dumps.
    • Check "Use jstack" to have it use jstack to generate the thread dumps.
  2. Click View Formatted Version to view a color-coded, expandable list of the threads.
  3. Right-click View Raw File and select Save Link As to save the thread dumps file to your computer.

Interpreting results

For a quick and simple analysis of the thread dumps, you can view the formatted version in your web browser.

  1. Click View Formatted Version to allow you to quickly analyze the dumps for any obvious issues in your system.

  2. The initial view of the thread dump is basically showing the state of each thread in a table. It gives you some ideas as to the progression of the threads over time.

  3. The threads states are color-coded as follows: Green=running; orange=waiting; red=blocked; gray=new, terminated, and absent.

  4. Click Show/Hide Date & Time to show the date and time of each thread dump.

  5. Click Show/Hide Extra Info to show extra info about the threads, including the following:

    • whether the thread is a daemon, priority, java, and native thread ID
    • extended thread state information

    This operation can take a long time, as it loops through the whole table of threads.

For more in-depth analysis, open the thread dumps in a thread dump analyzer.

  1. Right-click View Raw File next to the dump file and click Save Link As to save it to your computer.
  2. Open the saved file in a thread dump analyzer, such as TDA or IBM Thread Analyzer.

Be careful not to click View Formatted Version in a production server if you have requested more than 20 thread dumps. It can put an unnecessary load on your server. Instead, download the thread dump file to your computer for analysis.

Open issues

  • The Web Console navigation menu displays incorrectly while the thread dump is being generated.

CQ version capability

  • CQ 5.5
  • AEM 5.6


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