Uploading FXG fonts via CSXS to SPS


Are fonts automatically included when I 'Upload and Preview' my templates?

How do I upload fonts for my FXG files?

Why are my fonts missing for the InDesign/Illustrator template I uploaded using the Scene7 extension?


The fonts that are used in your document will always be included when you Upload to your SPS company through Scene7 Creative Suite Extension. Fonts will be included regardless if they are embedded in your InDesign/Illustrator document. The fonts will only be uploaded if they are not already present in your SPS company.

Using 'Export' or 'Save As' to save a local copy of the Scene7 FXG will always create a fonts folder alongside the images folder, within the assets folder.

  • When we perform a manual export of an s7FXG from CS5, we always create a “Fonts” folder in the assets folder, when there are fonts in the document. These will not get pushed unless the user pushes them manually, in cases where the fonts already exist in the company. If the user grabs everything from the assets folder and pushes them manually, we will encounter a duplication of the fonts.
  • Use s7CSXS’s “Upload and Preview” and they should never have duplicated fonts.


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