Modify the different parts of an illustration with selections, layers, and layer masks.

What you learned: Work with layers, layer groups, selections, and layer masks to change parts of your drawing

Create a layer group

In some drawings, there may be several layers that are used to create a single element. You can group multiple layers in the Layers panel to simplify organizing and editing.

  1. To create a layer group, drag a layer thumbnail onto another layer thumbnail.
  2. Drag other layer thumbnails onto the group as needed.
  3. Double-tap on a layer group to reveal the layers in the group; tap the Back icon at the top of the group to return to the main view of the layers.
  4. To ungroup layers, tap the three-dot icon in the Layer Task bar to open the More Options menu and choose Ungroup Layers.


Move an element onto a new layer

Sometimes you may need to move an object from one layer onto a new layer so you can edit it separately.

  1. Use the Lasso tool to draw a selection around the item you want to move to a new layer.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon in the Task bar and choose Cut Selection. Then open the same menu again and choose Paste Selection.


Add a layer mask

Layer masks allow you to hide or reveal parts of a layer without actually deleting content. This makes them very useful for applying edits that can be easily modified.

  1. To add a layer mask, tap the three-dot icon in the Task bar and choose Create Empty Mask.
  2. When a layer mask is added, a small black dot appears on the left side of the layer mask thumbnail to indicate that the layer mask is active.
  3. Swipe right on the layer mask thumbnail to view the layer thumbnail. This makes the layer, rather than the layer mask, active. When the layer thumbnail is visible and active, the small black dot appears to the right of the thumbnail.
  4. When a layer mask is active, a Mask Actions bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Use the Reveal and Hide buttons on the Mask Actions bar as you paint on the mask to control the visibility of content on the layer.
  5. Layer masks can also be created from a selection, by making a selection first and then tapping the Mask icon in the Selection Actions bar at the bottom of the screen.


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