Discover the Live watercolor brushes and paint with realistic watercolors that stay wet.

What you learned: Use the Flow and Water Flow settings to blend realistic watercolors

Select a brush and change settings

To access the watercolor brushes, tap the Live Brushes tool in the Toolbar and choose Watercolor. Use the tool options at the bottom of the Toolbar to change brush controls such as Size, Flow, Water Flow, and Brush Settings.

  • Flow controls how much paint is loaded onto the brush.
  • Water Flow controls how much water is used on the brush. With a higher Water Flow setting, the colors will flow more on the paper and mix more with existing colors.
  • Brush Settings offer many options for changing the appearance and behavior of a brush.


Watercolors always stay wet

Unlike actual watercolors, the watercolors in Fresco never dry and can always be mixed together, even after the document has been closed and reopened.


Use Water Flow and Opacity to mix existing colors

If you want to mix the existing colors on a layer without adding a new color:

  1. Tap the Color Chip to open the Color Picker and drag the Opacity slider to 0%.
  2. Adjust the Water Flow setting to a desired setting.
  3. Paint on the image with a watercolor brush to mix the existing colors together without adding any new color.


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