Update assets quickly with Global Edit | Adobe Illustratori juhised
Designs often contain copies of similar objects. Global Edit in Illustrator identifies similar vector shapes, so you can edit them in a single step.

Start Global Edit

Select an object and click Start Global Edit in the Quick Actions section of the Properties panel. All similar objects will now be selected.

Artwork shows a photo of a desk with a tablet, phone, business card, ID badge, and sunglasses while the Illustrator workspace shows the cursor hovering over the Start Global Edit button in the Pathfinder panel.
Artwork of the desk shows multiple selected objects displayed on the tablet, phone, and business card surfaces.

You can deselect any object in the group that you don’t want to edit by holding down the Shift key and clicking it.

Artwork of the desk items with the business card object deselected from the group.

Edit Objects

Edit the single object, resulting in the identical edit taking place across all selected similar objects.

Artwork of the tablet object while editing in Isolation mode, with the rest of the artwork grayed out.

The final result

Just like that, the power of Adobe Sensei streamlines your workflow on client brand updates!

Final artwork design shows the results after making a global edit to update multiple objects.
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