Share InDesign documents for review

Learn how to initiate a review from within InDesign

As a designer, you can share your documents for review with stakeholders while controlling access to the shared documents.

Here is a handy visual reference on sharing InDesign documents for review.

share for review

Share documents with stakeholders

  1. Select any of the following options to initiate the document review:

    • Select Share > Share for Review.
    • Click File > Share For Review.
    • Click Create Review in the Window > Comments > Review panel.
    share for review
    This visual is for placement purpose only

  2. Add a Title for your design and click Create.


    share for review
    Start a new review

  3. Specify the access level for your designs before you share them:

    1. Choose one of the following options to define access permissions:
      • Select Invite Only to share the design with specified stakeholders.
      • Select Public to share the design with a broader audience. You can set a password if required.
    Share for review workflow
    Public link

    share for review
    Secure sharing with public by setting a password.

    b. To disable commenting and provide view only permissions on a public link, click more (...), select Public Settings and disable Allow commenting for public users.

    share for review
    Change settings for public reviews

    C. Click Add People to invite individual stakeholders for review. 

    d. Specify the email address of the stakeholder. If you have an Adobe ID, InDesign auto-detects it.

    e. Click Invite.

    Share for review workflow
    Share for review using invite only option

  4. You can manage the list of invited stakeholders by doing the following:

    • To add stakeholders, select Add People.
    • To discard existing review settings and create a new review, click (...) for more options and select Create New Review.
    • To remove all stakeholders, click Remove All.
    • To remove individual stakeholders, select Remove next to the stakeholder's name.
    share for review
    Remove all stakeholders / Remove individual stakeholders

 You can save the shared document after receiving comments from stakeholders using File > Save. However, if you use File > Save As, it clears the review comments in the document. 

Update shared links

You can continue to make changes to your document after you have shared them. Once your changes are made, click Update Link. Stakeholders can view the updates made to the document when they refresh the document. Feedback provided through the link is not affected.

You can update a review link to reflect changes to the document without having to create a new link. An updated link preserves the stakeholder comments. You can manage your reviews online, create new review, or delete a review for your designs. 

View feedback from stakeholders

You can view feedback from stakeholders in InDesign using the Review panel.  Feedback provided by stakeholders is available in almost real-time through the application.

Alternatively, click More Options and select Manage reviews on the web. Open your shared designs from to view feedback. You can always go to previous reviews by selecting Manage reviews on the web.

share for review
Manage your shared designs for review on the web

Delete a review

You can delete a shared review when it is complete. In SHARE FOR REVIEW dialog, click the More options ... icon at the lower-right corner and select Delete review

You can also copy or delete designs that you previously shared through the Creative Cloud website.

Delete review
Delete review

What's next?

We've got you started with sharing your InDesign designs with your stakeholders. Take a step forward and learn how to comment on your shared designs along with multiple stakeholders. 

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