Modify the colors in your photos with precise controls, and use presets to apply saved settings for specific looks.

Photo of a hot pink water lily flower in a pond

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides several methods for adjusting the colors in your photos, in either subtle or pronounced ways. You can also use presets that come with Lightroom, or presets that you create yourself, to quickly modify the look or color styling of an image.

Apply white balance color corrections

You can use the White Balance selector to click on an area in the photo that should be neutral to adjust the white balance based on that tone automatically. Once you find a good starting point for your white balance setting, you can customize it with the Temp and Tint sliders.

Side by side photos of a small jukebox and a flower, one has a yellow tint and the other is fixed

Adjust color intensity with vibrance and saturation

You can make the colors pop in your images by increasing either the Saturation or the Vibrance setting. Saturation affects all colors in the same way, whereas Vibrance targets lower saturation colors. Vibrance also applies a lighter touch with skin tones, which makes it an excellent choice to use with portraits. If you want to create a more faded or pastel look, try lowering either the Saturation or Vibrance settings.

Side by side photos of a cast iron pot over a campfire, the image on the right has more vibrant color

Fine-tune individual colors with the Color Mixer

If you want to edit the characteristics of individual colors, the Color Mixer gives you all the control you need. Here you can alter the Hue, Saturation, or Lightness qualities of different colors. The Color Mixer is where you would go if you wanted to create a faded, pastel effect for a blue sky, or punch up just the saturation of the reds in a photo.

Apply presets to modify the look of a photo

Lightroom comes with many presets that you can apply with a single click to change the appearance of a photo, including the look and feel of the colors in the image. Presets are simply saved settings designed to produce a specific look, and they are an excellent way to apply a consistent look to multiple images. You can mouse over the name of a preset to see a preview of how it will affect your photo.

Create your own presets or import purchased presets

You can easily make your own presets by applying the different settings to create the look you’re after and then saving those as a new preset. Saved presets can be organized into specific groups based on the type of look they create, or on how you want to access them. You can also import groups of Lightroom presets that you have purchased.

Two images of a pagoda on a deck overlooking the water, one is in color the other is in sepia tone

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