Tether support on Apple Silicon devices

Learn how to import photos from a tethered camera on Apple Silicon devices

With the June 2021 release (version 10.3), Lightroom Classic is natively compatible with Apple devices with M1 processors. Tethered Capture is supported on Apple Silicon devices under the Rosetta emulation mode.

Start Tethered Capture

To start Tethered Capture on Apple Silicon devices, do the following:

  1. Connect a supported camera to your computer and open Lightroom Classic.

  2. Choose File > Tethered Capture > Start Tethered Capture.

  3. Click Relaunch in the dialog box that appears, to relaunch Lightroom Classic under Rosetta mode.

    Relaunch Lightroom Classic in Rosetta mode
    Relaunch Lightroom Classic in Rosetta mode

  4. Lightroom Classic launches in the Rosetta mode. You can verify the mode from the top bar of Lightroom Classic. 

    Rosetta mode

  5. You can now start using tethered capture. For more information on using tethered capture, see Import photos from a tethered camera.

  6. Once you have imported photos, relaunch Lightroom Classic to launch it again in the native mode.


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