Learn how to use the Time Tuner effect to adjust the duration of a piece of program material imperceptibly to ensure your show fits the exact length it needs to be.

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Editors and broadcasters sometimes need to alter the duration of a show to fit into schedules or specifically requested programming durations. Use Time Tuner to make this adjustment with ease.

Customize the preset

With your Adobe Premiere Pro project already loaded in the Adobe Media Encoder render queue, click the blue preset name for the project.

In Adobe Media Encoder, click the blue preset name for the project.

Name the output file

In the Export Settings dialog box, click the blue Output Name under Export Settings to set the filename and target location of the exported file.

In Export Settings, click the blue Output Name to set filename and target location of exported file.

Initiate the feature

At the bottom of the Effects tab, select the Time Tuner check box.

Click the Time Tuner checkbox.

Change the duration

In the same panel, enter a Duration Change percentage to determine the new length of your project. You can shorten or lengthen your project by as much as 10%, so enter a value between –10 and 10.

You can also click the Target Duration value to enter the new length directly, as long as it's within 10% of the original.

Click OK to close the Export Settings dialog box.

Under Time Tuner, enter a Duration Change between -10% and 10%.

Encode the file

Click the green play button to encode the project as you specified. After the encoding is completed, click the blue Output File name to find the movie file directly.

Encode the file by clicking the green play button.


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