Learn how to create and share a video from start to finish using Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

Premiere Rush is an all-in-one video-creation tool that you can use to capture, edit, and share professional-looking videos quickly.

You can capture videos and images right from within the app or bring in your own media. You can then edit your clips in the timeline and add titles, audio, and transitions. Refine color and audio with easy-to-use controls. Finally, export your video and share it directly to various social channels such as YouTube or Facebook with a single click.

Move seamlessly across devices (mobile or desktop) and feel confident that you can pick up where you left off with automatic project syncing. With a consistent experience across desktop and mobile, the power of Premiere Rush is available wherever you go.

What can I create with Premiere Rush?

Premiere Rush is ideal for creating short-form videos (~20 minutes or less) with high-quality motion graphics, audio, and color that you can share online with your social media followers or friends. Create and share content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. 

What do I need to know to start using Premiere Rush?

Before you can begin creating and sharing video in Premiere Rush, you need to have the right equipment. At the most basic level, you need:

  • A computer, an iPhone, or iPad (see System requirements)
  • Premiere Rush installed on your computer, iPhone, or iPad (Download Premiere Rush from here)

Premiere Rush has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to create videos with minimal training required. If you are just starting out creating videos, Premiere Rush is an easy video-editing tool to start your video editing journey. As you build expertise, you can start editing in Premiere Pro. 

To get started, launch the product, and go through the one-minute interactive tutorial that walks you through the basics of editing your first video, covering all of the key steps and features in Premiere Rush that you need to create and share your video.

Additional help and tutorials are always available on Adobe Premiere Rush CC Learn & Support.

Workflow overview

Workflow overview
Workflow overview

In a nutshell, the workflow can be described in the following high-level steps:

Capture footage or import your own media into Premiere Rush

You can capture footage using any phone, DSLR, or mirrorless camera and bring the footage into Premiere Rush. Premiere Rush automatically separates the scenes for you into clips. 

You can also bring in audio files saved on your phone, or use the Premiere Rush soundtracks that are available from within the product.

For more information on bringing footage into Premiere Rush and for information about supported file formats, see:

When using Premiere Rush on an iOS device (such as as iPhone or iPad), you can use the capture experience built right into the product, which gives you access to more control if you need it and a seamless experience of bringing your captured media quickly into a project. You can then edit the video on your mobile device, or switch over to Premiere Rush on your desktop. Projects sync seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices, so you always have access to your recent project edits across your devices, anywhere.

For more information on using the Premiere Rush iOS app, see Create and share videos on the go using Adobe Premiere Rush CC on iOS.

Edit and refine video

You can edit videos in Premiere Rush, and you have access to the same editing capabilities across your iOS and desktop devices. 

After you have brought in your video clips, you can pick out the good parts, cut out the slow or boring parts, shuffle scenes around, and add audio and animated titles or motion graphics.

Edit clips on the timeline
Edit clips on the timeline

Edit your video in the timeline

After bringing in your footage in to your Premiere Rush project, you can continue to add more clips, such as additional videos, images, graphics, or music. You can split clips, move them around, or trim them in the timeline. 

For more information, see Edit your video in the timeline.

Add and edit transitions
Add and edit transitions

Add and edit transitions

Add transitions between clips to smoothly move from one clip to another. Generally, you use a simple cut to move from shot to shot, but you can also transition between shots by phasing out one and phasing in another.

Premiere Rush provides a few transitions that you can apply to your clips to enhance your video. For more information, see Add and edit transitions.

Add and edit titles
Add and edit titles

Add and edit titles

Easily add text overlays and animated motion graphics to your videos, and customize things like font, font style (bold/italic/underline), font size, and color. Easily edit text, and move, scale, and rotate title and graphic templates directly on the Preview monitor.

Take advantage of the professionally designed built-in Motion Graphics templates and access hundreds more customizable animated titles, lower-thirds, transitions, and graphics from Adobe Stock right from within the app.

For more information, see:

Add audio clips or record voiceovers
Add audio clips or record voiceovers

Add audio clips or record voiceovers

Import music and audio clips into your Premiere Rush projects. Or, you can record voiceovers directly into your timeline. 

Premiere Rush also comes with 10 royalty-free soundtracks that you can import and use in your video.

For more information, see Add and edit audio.

Adjust color
Adjust color

Adjust color

Premiere Rush includes several color presets that you can easily apply to clips to give them a certain look and feel. Click on a color preset to apply it to your selected clip, and if you like you can tweak the intensity of the preset. 

You can also use additional editing tools to refine color further.

For more information, see Adjust a clip's color.

Crop, scale, feather, and tweak opacity
Crop, scale, feather, and tweak opacity

Crop, scale, feather, and tweak opacity

You can transform your clips in multiple ways. You can position your clips, change their height, width, or opacity, and crop or rotate video using Premiere Rush's transform controls.

You can also feather (smooth or blur the edges of your video) your clip. Feathering is a great technique to spotlight the middle of the video frame, and focus the viewer's attention to that point.

Export and share video

After you have completed creating your video, you can save it on your computer or directly share it on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Behance.

For more information, see Share or export your video.

Step up from Premiere Rush to Premiere Pro

Premiere Rush is compatible with Premiere Pro. As you continue building your video expertise, you can effortlessly switch to Premiere Pro for ultimate editing control. In Premiere Pro, you can take advantage of a greater variety of transitions and effects, more-powerful color-correction and audio tools, multicamera editing, and a universe of third-party plug-ins.

Continue refining your Premiere Rush videos by simply opening the Premiere Rush project file in Premiere Pro. For more information, see Open Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro.


Once a Premiere Rush project is opened in Premiere Pro, you cannot bring it back into Premiere Rush. This is because not all of the advanced editing controls in Premiere Pro are supported in Premiere Rush.

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