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Quick start guide for Adobe Stock Contributors

Use this guide to help you learn how to create and customize your Adobe Stock Contributor account, submit your work for review, and start selling your photos, videos, vectors, illustrations, and more. 

Your account

All the basics of creating, customizing, and organizing your Adobe Stock Contributor account. 

Legal guidelines

Content requirements

Upload and prepare your content

Step by step guidance about how to prepare your content, using approved release forms, and metadata best practices. 

Overview and top tips

What’s most in demand with buyers and other tips for success as an Adobe Stock Contributor. 

Review process

How reviews work and tips for getting your assets accepted. 

Payment, taxes, and bonus program

Understand the royalty structure, how to get paid, and tax basics Contributors should know. 


Adobe Artists: Vpanteon | 431693959, Addictive Stock | 441550407, Patricia Molaioli - EyeEm | 433294564, Colin Anderson | 396891270, Addictive Stock | 441768779, Amaal Said | 429457891, Colin Anderson | 398324214, Addictive Stock | 442736912


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