Create a beautiful stylized presentation in minutes with images and templates from Adobe Stock and some easy-to-do special effects.

Get started quickly with a template

Search Adobe Stock for a presentation template that you can customize with your favorite Creative Cloud app.

Search result screen from Adobe Stock after searching for presentation templates.

Search for images that help tell your story

Search for images on Adobe Stock that relate to the main message of your presentation and add them to a Creative Cloud library.

Search result screen from Adobe Stock after searching for images related to email management.

Start creating your presentation

Open the template file in Illustrator, select and activate any missing fonts, and then type in the title of your presentation.

Activating missing fonts after opening the template file in Adobe Illustrator.

Place images and add a custom style

After positioning an image on the cover, choose the Sketched Art preset from the Image Trace menu in the Properties panel. Open the Image Trace panel and adjust the Threshold amount to further customize the effect.

Creating a stylized effect on an imported image in Adobe Illustrator using the Trace Image feature.

Apply a similar style to all of the images

Continue to customize the content and style the imagery to create a consistent style throughout the presentation.

Additional presentation slides featuring images that will be stylized in a similar fashion.

The final result

Now you have a compelling presentation that features a consistent design with unique and memorable imagery.

A series of presentation slides featuring a stylized graphic technique applied to all of the images.


Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.



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