Find answers to questions about price changes for Adobe Captivate.

Why are prices increasing for Adobe Captivate?

We have offered a host of new features in Adobe Captivate over the past few years such as enhanced responsive learning, support for Adobe Fonts, and a new learning community without changing our product prices. We’re now making a modest adjustment in the Adobe worldwide pricing, which takes effect on February 12, 2019. We will continue to invest in creating the world’s best eLearning authoring tools. We recently launched the 2019 release of Adobe Captivate with support for creating interactive video and virtual reality content. New and renewing subscribers can experience the value of these new features in the 2019 release of Adobe Captivate.

Learn more about our pricing updates on the Adobe Blog.

How are prices changing for Adobe Captivate?

Pricing varies by plan. The new pricing will appear on the Plans page beginning on February 12, 2019.

When will the prices increase?

The new prices take effect beginning on February 12, 2019.

I have an existing plan. When is my price increasing?

If you have an annual plan and you pay monthly, the new Adobe price on existing licenses goes into effect at the end of your annual term that ends on or after February 12, 2019.

I received an email about the price increase. What other factors affect my price?

If you purchased at an Adobe promotional price and are coming to the end of your promotional period, your renewal will reflect the shift to Adobe’s standard price.

How do I cancel my plan?

For instructions on how to cancel your plan, see Cancel your subscription.

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