Download and Install eLearning Licensing Order

How to Download and Install Your Adobe eLearning Licensing Order

Your organization’s designated deploy-to user should have received a separate email with login details to Adobe’s Licensing Website (LWS).

For more information, see the LWS FAQ.

As the deploy-to user for your organization, follows these steps to download the eLearning content:

  1. Log in to Adobe’s Licensing Website (LWS) using your Adobe login details.


    If you do not know your log in details, click Forgot Password/Username.

  2. To access your eligible downloads, navigate to Licenses (on the left sidebar or top navigation bar) and then click Downloads (on the left sidebar):

  3. Select your eLearning Product Name and click View All.

  4. The Download Software screen displays your available content files.

    You can choose to either download the files individually, or use the Download Manager option to download all your files at once:

  5. Download the SCORM and non-SCORM versions of your eLearning course.

    If your company has an LMS:

    Drop the individual SCORM zip files directly into your LMS.


    Each module zip should be installed separately in the LMS.

    Also, the methods to install the module zip files may differ depending on the LMS you are using.

    If your company does not have an LMS:

    1. Launch Adobe eLearning in any HTML5 supported browser (Adobe recommends Chrome or Safari).
    2. Extract (unzip) the files and open the non-SCORM zip files for each module.
    3. Select the index.html file found inside the extracted folder.
    4. The module is opened in your web browser.

Along with the eLearning content, the downloads also contain a ReadMe and an eLearning FAQ with additional support and content distribution details.

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