Text to Speech converter for various languages (Adobe Captivate)


Adobe Captivate 4 Text-to-Speech converter converts text only into English. There are no options for localized languages.


Adobe Captivate 4 ships with the text-to-speech software from NeoSpeech that allows you to select only English voices.


Upgrade to Adobe Captivate 5. 

Adobe Captivate 5 ships with additional voices from Loquendo: Stefan (German), Juliette (French), and Simon (British English).

Follow these steps to obtain and install the Loquendo voices:

  1. Install Adobe Captivate 5. 
  • To purchase an upgrade from Adobe, visit the Adobe Store at http://store.adobe.com/, click the link for your region, click Software, and then click the link for the product you want to purchase.
  • To locate an authorized reseller, visit the Adobe website at http://www.adobe.com/buy.
  1. After installing Adobe Captivate 5, install the Loquendo Text To Speech voices from the installation DVD or download them from this website. For more information on installing text-to-speech converters, see Adobe Captivate 5 Online Help.

Note: With Adobe Captivate 5, you can also use voices installed with the operating system.

Additional Information

For information on how install NeoSpeech Text to Speech software in Adobe Captivate 4, see Adobe Captivate 4 Online Help.


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