Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel gives you access to your entire photo library that you can access from various devices, such as your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Thus, it helps you access and synchronize your photos across various mobile devices and computers.

Go to for more information and creating your login credentials in case you do not have an Adobe Revel account.

Adobe Revel supports an unlimited number of photos and offers real-time sync. When you add new photos on one device, those photos are automatically populated on other devices running Adobe Revel.

Import photos from Adobe Revel

Import photos from your Adobe® Revel account to organize and edit them in Photoshop Elements. It automatically updates your photo library with new photos and your photo edits.

  1. Click Import > From Adobe Revel.


    Alternatively, you can select File > Import From Adobe Revel.

  2. Enter your Adobe Revel login credentials. You must be a registered Adobe Revel user. Once you have entered your login credentials, click Sign In.

    Login to Revel

    Click Learn More About Adobe Revel, if you are unable to login or do not have login credentials to access Adobe Revel.

  3. To import photos from a library in Adobe Revel, select a library from the Import From drop-down list. The list contains all libraries that you have access to, including the libraries that other Adobe Revel users have shared with you.

    Import to library
  4. Click Browse to select the folder where you want to import the photos. If the folder is not specified, the files are imported to the default folder.

  5. Select the photos you want to import into Elements Organizer and click Import.

Export photos to Adobe Revel

You can export photos to a library in Adobe Revel from Elements Organizer.

  1. In Elements Organizer, select the photos you want to export. Select File > Export To Adobe Revel or click the Share tab and click Adobe Revel.

  2. Select the library from the Export To drop-down list and click Export.


    All exported images are converted to .Jpeg file format.

    Export to library
  3. A message is displayed confirming the number of media exported successfully. Click OK.


    You can Sign Out from the Import/Export workflow and sign in as a different user, if required. Click on triangle next to the Welcome, [Username] and click Sign Out.

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