Dynamic Link not available from Premiere Pro CC


Encore CS6 was not updated as part of the new CC suite of products. As a result, Adobe Premiere Pro CC does not use dynamic link to communicate with Encore CS6.


Encore CS6 is still available for download and installation, even after you upgrade to the new CC suite of products. Instructions of installing for Encore CS6 using Creative Cloud Desktop is available here.

To bring your footage into Encore from Premiere Pro CS6, there are two potential workflows.

First, you can export to legal DVD and Blu-ray formats by using Premiere Pro CC itself.  There are presets available in Adobe Media Encoder that makes this process easy.

  • For DVDs, choose MPEG-2 DVD
  • For Blu-ray, choose H.264 or MPEG-2 Blu-ray

Second, you can export any file format and import those files into Encore, allowing Encore to encode the footage. Export the footage, using a good intermediary codec such as DV-AVI or QuickTime Animation for DVD footage, or H.264 for Blu-ray footage.

See this link for more details on how to export.

The Adobe Premiere Pro blog has a fantastic post on working efficiently with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Encore CS6 to produce DVD/Blu-ray or iPad-ready video with QuickTime chapter markers. Click here to go to the blog.

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