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Starting April 11, 2022, Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise users will have access to collaboration tools. Customers will be able to use from within Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, as well as the web, Apple iPad, and Apple iPhone apps.

With more video content being created than ever before and remote collaboration becoming the norm, for Adobe Creative Cloud streamlines workflows by replacing the patchwork of tools customers have used in the past by putting all assets, comments, notes, and feedback together in the cloud, where they can be shared and accessed by collaborators anywhere in the world.

As is still in the process of integrating into Adobe, some of the experiences provided may differ slightly from what Creative Cloud customers are used to. Review the following Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about for Creative Cloud.

What is is a secure, cloud-based platform for everything you’re working on and the people you’re working with. You can use to securely share large files at light speed, provide frame-accurate feedback with annotations, track revisions, and get approvals faster than ever before.

Editors and motion designers working in Premiere Pro and After Effects can use the integrated panel to stay connected with collaborators and key stakeholders, all without leaving their timeline. This significantly reduces the time required for reviewing video, getting notes, and implementing changes. For more information, please visit

Which Creative Cloud plans will be eligible? is available to Creative Cloud for individual, teams, or enterprise customers who have the following paid entitlements:  

This plan is not available to Creative Cloud for education, Multi-User, Non - Creative Cloud All Apps - Pro Edition licenses, Mixed Sku All apps, or in countries and regions prohibited by law.

While Creative Cloud for education is not eligible for this specific plan, education customers can still purchase paid plans of directly at Or by contacting our Adobe support team or your sales representative.

What will for Adobe Creative Cloud include? for Creative Cloud includes real-time review and approval tools with commenting and frame-accurate annotations, accelerated file transfers for fast uploading and downloading of media, dedicated cloud storage, and support for multiple projects across team members, sharing out for review, and Camera to Cloud. for Adobe Creative Cloud includes:

  • Up to two users.
  • 100 GB of active storage, separate from the existing Creative Cloud storage.
  • Five concurrent projects.
  • Camera to Cloud workflow.
  • Collaboration features to share content and get feedback.
  • A 30-day free trial of Team plan.

Usage of is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What's the Team plan trial? 

In addition to benefit, eligible users will also receive a 30-day free trial to the Team plan. The team plan includes premium features and expanded storage and users.

  • Up to 15 users.
  • 500 GB of active storage separate from the existing Creative Cloud storage.
  • 1 TB of archival storage.
  • Unlimited projects.

For more information, see plans and features.

Will admins need to activate for their users? 

Yes, is disabled by default for Creative Cloud enterprise customers. Administrators can enable using the Adobe Admin Console.

For Creative Cloud for individuals and teams, will be enabled by default.

For more information, see Enable or disable services.

How can an IT Admin turn off for all users?

When for Adobe Creative Cloud becomes available, the following network endpoints will need to be accessible. IT Admins can use these network endpoints to block users from accessing



For the complete list and additional details, see the list endpoints.

How can I start using with Creative Cloud?

As a Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise member, your administrator should set up or enable the account first and then invite you and your group members to the account to maximize your collaboration.

What happens on Team trial expiration, or if I go over quota? Team plan will revert to the basic for Creative Cloud entitlements on the expiration of Team plan free trial. If you exceed the user, project, or storage limits, you'll be unable to add more and be prompted to purchase a paid plan. While users can individually purchase and update to Team plans, contact your Administrator to inquire about a unified Team or Enterprise plan as required by your organization.

Admins cannot manage using the Adobe Admin Console at this time. To manage admins of Team or Enterprise plans can use the console. For more information, see Enterprise Accounts.


Adobe recommends that you reach out to our Adobe support team or contact your sales representative. We can provide guidance on plans that are suitable for your specific usage scenarios.

What if we have more than 15 members on our Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise plan who would like to try

The Enterprise plan is best suited for organizations with more than 15 members who need to collaborate. It allows unlimited members, teams, and storage, as well as enterprise-level security features for content and sign-in credentials. If you are interested in trying the Enterprise plan, please get in touch with your Adobe sales representative or sales.

How can I get all the members of my Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise groups added to the same Account?

If you are a Creative Cloud Teams member, your administrator should set up or enable the account first and then invite you and your group members to the account to maximize your collaboration. During the initial 30-day free trial of the Team plan, your administrator can add up to 15 members of their choice. After the Team free trial ends, your admin can sign up to continue using the Team plan.

If you are an enterprise user, setting up a team is best accomplished through a formal Proof-of-concept process that will highlight enterprise level security, branding and storage features. Reach out to your Adobe sales representative who is ready to help you with this process.

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