Organizations will begin to see the new Admin Console when they log in. Each month, the new console will be revealed to more customers. And gradually, all customers will get access to the new console. If your organization has already been migrated, see Adobe Sign - Team feature Administrator.

If you have purchased Adobe Sign for Teams plan, you must use Team Admin Console to manage users and entitlements associated with them. You can also assign multiple administrators to help manage your team or the functional behavior of Adobe Sign. For more information, see Manage Administrators.


If you have Document Cloud for business, Document Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Sign – Business or Adobe Sign – Enterprise plans, see Adobe Sign administration for more information.

Getting Started

To administer Adobe Sign for your team, a user must be an administrator and an end user with an active license.

  1. In the Team Admin Console, go to the Administrators tab under Admin Tools section and ensure that the user is on the list of administrators. Learn how to add administrators in the Team Admin Console.

  2. Go to Active Users tab under Named-user Licenses section and ensure that the user has an active license assigned. Learn how to assign licenses to users in the Team Admin Console.


Adobe Sign Administration Access

You can access Adobe Sign administration (Account tab within Adobe Sign web app) in two ways:

  1. On the Team Admin Console, go to Deployment > Adobe Sign tab and click Login to Adobe Sign, under Step 3 - Configure.


    In a new browser tab, you are redirected to Adobe Sign Administration.

  2. Go to Adobe Sign Administration and sign in using your Adobe ID.

Add Adobe Sign Administrators

You can assign Adobe Sign administrator privileges in two ways:

  1. Assign an Adobe Sign for Teams license to an end user through the Admin Console. On accepting the invitation, the user becomes an active user. Then, add this end user to the list of administrators through the “Administrators” tab.
  2. Through Adobe Sign Administration Console (Account tab within Adobe Sign web app)
  1. Navigate to the Account tab > Users.

  2. Select a User and then click User Settings.

  3. Check the boxes labeled, User is an account administrator & User is a group administrator.

  4. Click Save.


Revoke Adobe Sign Administrator Rights

If an Adobe Sign administrator received administrative rights via Team Admin Console, you can do one of the following to revoke the Adobe Sign administrator rights for the user:

  • Remove the user from the Administrators tab within Team Admin Console. Then, also remove the user's Adobe Sign administration rights using the Adobe Sign Administration Console. This user can still use Adobe Sign for Teams, but does not have Adobe Sign administration rights.
  • Remove the user from All licenses or Active Users tab. This user cannot use Adobe Sign, and therefore does not have feature administration rights.


If the Adobe Sign administrator received administration rights via the Adobe Sign administration area, you can revoke administration privileges by disabling the account administrator or group administrator user settings.

To learn more about the features that a team admin can customize for end users, see Adobe Sign Quick Start for New Accounts.

Error When Admin Assigns Seat to a User

There are certain cases that can prevent an admin from successfully delegating an "Adobe Sign for Teams" seat to an end user through team admin console. A team admin might encounter an error like "The user cannot be assigned to this license. Learn more."

If you are getting this error, try delegating again using a different end-user email address, or Contact Support.

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