Cloud storage for enterprises and teams users

Know all about cloud storage for Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise or teams.

Adobe promotes Creative Cloud-based workflows for creative professionals to work collaboratively across multiple Creative Cloud apps from any location or device. Adobe allocates online storage for each Creative Cloud license to enable workflows to support a wide range of activities, including creating, editing, and managing cloud files.

How much storage do I have?

Different plans receive different amounts of cloud storage per license. You can check the storage allocation from Adobe Creative Cloud on the web, Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. 


If your storage space is full, here is how you can free up storage. For more information, contact your administrator.

  Go to Your files on the Creative Cloud website. (If prompted, sign in.)

Your used storage is displayed in the lower-left corner of the page.

Check storage

 Hover over your used storage to view the total available cloud storage.



Hover storage
Hover over your used storage (A) to see your total available cloud storage (B).

You can also view your available storage in the Creative Cloud desktop app, and Creative Cloud apps, such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 

Creative Cloud desktop app

Click the cloud icon it the upper right. Your cloud storage and file-syncing status are displayed. 

View cloud storage in the Creative Cloud desktop app

Photoshop or Illustrator

In the Home screen, select the cloud icon in the upper right. Your cloud storage and file-syncing status are displayed.

View cloud storage within app

What does cloud storage include?

Your Creative Cloud storage includes Creative Cloud Assets, Photos, and Documents as described in the following table. You are free to use any or a combination of services, and the total consumption is calculated accordingly.

What's included in cloud storage? What's not included in cloud storage?

Creative Cloud


Document Cloud

Adobe Express
  • Adobe Stock credits
  • Adobe Fonts
  • Synced files
  • Cloud documents
  • Deleted files
  • Libraries
  • Version history
  • Photos and Albums
  • Edited files
  • Imported or deleted files
  • All documents
  • Starred files
  • Shared files
  • Projects and brand files
  • Graphics and web pages
  • Videos


What happens if I exceed my storage quota?

If you exceed your storage quota, see Better storage flexibility with pooled quota.

How many files can I store?

You can store as many files and folders as your cloud storage allows, but you cannot sync more than the following number of files and folders:

  • 350,000 files
  • 150,000 folders

This doesn't include the files, folders, or subfolders shared with you by others.

The files and folders that you haven't permanently deleted also count toward your cloud storage. Ensure that your deleted files aren't using valuable storage by deleting them permanently. Learn how to permanently delete files to free up storage.

Can I upgrade by Creative Cloud storage?

Creative Cloud for enterprise and teams customers cannot purchase more storage as yet.

Frequently asked questions

Creative Cloud storage stacks up based on the number of licenses that you have for a particular account or profile. If you have two licenses with Creative Cloud for teams or Creative Cloud for enterprise, you receive 1TB of cloud storage for each license. In this case, the total storage available to you is 2TB.

Users in organizations that have not been migrated receive storage based on their existing entitlements.


To enable enterprise storage and other enterprise-level features, we're updating all existing Adobe IDs to Business IDs. All new business customers will use Business IDs for their team members.

You'll receive advance communication when your organization is scheduled for the update. For more information, see Introduction to Business IDs and new storage features. Until your organization is updated, you will continue to use Adobe ID type to access the organization. Support for Adobe IDs will then be reserved for individual customers only.

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