On loading the web page with DTM implementation, the browser may return a warning as follows:

SATELLITE: cannot load sync the script after DOM ready

What is the reason behind this warning?


Dynamic Tag Management

Adobe Launch

Browser developer console


The warning is thrown when the call to _satellite.pageBottom() is missing from the DTM tags on one or more pages. It does not result in data loss as the rules would trigger as usual. It's just an indicator that the DTM footer embed code is missing.

Use dynamic tag management to add header and footer code that determines the loading of JavaScript™ and page content on your site. You must install both the header and footer code on every page of your site, regardless of the hosting option used.

For a successful implementation, it is critical that you place the header code in the <head> section of your document templates. Also, you place the footer code just before the closing </body> tag. Placing either of these embed codes elsewhere in your markup, or using asynchronous methods to append the embed codes, or wrapping the embed codes in any way, are not a supported implementation of dynamic tag management. The embed codes must be implemented exactly as provided.

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