The following is a list of reasons why rollups don't process data:

  • Too many report suites: The limit to report suites depends on the platform you're currently on. If on SiteCatalyst 14, the limit is 200 report suites. If on SiteCatalyst 15, the limit is 40 report suites. Rollups higher than this threshold do not process data. To resolve this issue, remove child report suites so the total is below the threshold.
  • Too many enabled tables: Because of the robust calculating platform in SiteCatalyst 15, rollups must also undergo additional processing to provide data. If a rollup contains too many enabled tables to process, the rollup does not calculate data. The number of tables that can be processed is dependent on the number of child suites there are. To change the enabled tables, provide the rollup's report suite ID to one of your organization's supported users, who then contacts ClientCare to make the request.
  • Next processing date in the past: There is a backend variable for each rollup that governs when the next rollup date is. Rarely this variable becomes out of sync with the current date, placing the next rollup date in the past. After verifying the maximum number of report suites and number of enabled tables, have one of your organization's supported users contact ClientCare. They can reset the next rollup date.

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