The section below provides details on accessing the Campaign Control Panel, and an overview of its homepage and interface.

Accessing Control Panel


The Control Panel is available to Admin users only. For more on how to assign users to the Administrators group, refer to this section.

The Campaign Control Panel is accessible directly from the Experience Cloud, or from the product itself.

To access the Control Panel from the Experience Cloud Platform,  navigate to the Experience Cloud Platform homepage, then click the dedicated link in the Quick Access section.


The Control Panel is also accessible from the Experience Cloud Platform solution picker:

  1. Navigate to the Adobe Experience Cloud, then select Campaign from the solution picker.

  2. The list of your Campaign instances displays. Click the Control Panel card to launch it.



For Campaign Classic instances, access from within the product will be available after upgrade to the 19.1 version.

  1. Open your Campaign Standard product, then select the Administration menu from the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Control Panel icon to launch it.


Discovering the interface

The Control Panel home page gives you access to all actions that can be performed on your Campaign instances.

They are represented by cards that are organized into topics, for example Storage & Database Management.

With upcoming Campaign releases, more topics and cards will be made available. For more on the current functions that are supported, refer to this section.



Job logs

The Job Logs button in the upper-right corner lets you audit all the changes that have been made by users of your organization.


Click an element of the list to get more details. 

The Open button allows you to access directly the Control Panel tab where the change has been made.


Help resources

The Help Resources section provides useful documentation to help you in your use of Control Panel and Campaign products. Do not hesitate to explore them.


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