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Best practices describe how to develop, administer, or use AEM in the most efficient and most effective way possible. This growing list of topics includes a variety of areas in AEM.

The following areas have documentation available concerning best practices: 

  • Assets/Dynamic Media
  • WCM Author/WCM Admin (including Multi Site Manager)

For best practices on authoring, deploying and maintaining, or developing, see one of the following:

Specific documents are described and linked to in the tables that follow.


Best practices around Assets, including the dynamic media capability and Scene 7 integration, are described in the following topics:

How to organize your content (folder hierarchy) Best practices for file management Much of processing profiles is folder based as video, metadata, image processing are always applied to folders. This best practice document describes how to define and set up your folder hierarchy as the hierarchy has a significant impact on how content is processed. 
Integrating Scene7 and AEM Best practices for integrating Scene7 with AEM

Describes when to turn on polling importer, how to test drive your integration, and when to use the content browser versus a direct upload to Assets.

Image preset options Understanding image presets and image preset best practices As part of the documentation on Managing Image presets, these topics describe what image presets are and best practices around selecting image preset options.
Dynamic Media versus direct integration with Scene7 Scene7/AEM integration versus Dynamic Media Describes when it is best to use the Dynamic Media solution, when to integrate S7 with AEM, or when to use both.

WCM Authoring and Administration

Web content management authoring and administration has some best practices outlined as follows:

Define the default UI for your instance.

Configuring the default UI for your instance

AEM has two UIs: touch-optimized and classic. This section details how to define the default UI for your instance.
Multi-Site Management MSM Best Practices Best practices for using MSM to automate content deployment. 
Translating content Translation Best Practices Best practices for planning and implementing your multilanguage site.
User administration Permissions and privileges best practices Describes best practices when working with permissions and privileges