Explore the crucial layout and graphic elements of flyer and brochure design.
The cover and interior layout of a brochure titled “Fitness Coaching”

Creating flyers and brochures that attract attention and get results is easier and more effective when you employ these widely used tools, features, and workflows.

Set up your document

Start your project right by selecting the optimal settings for your flyer or brochure.

  • Explore Adobe Stock templates for a head start on your new document, or start from scratch with one of the many preset sizes available.
  • When setting up a new document from scratch, choose the Print tab in the New Document dialog to set the color mode to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) for printing. In the Units menu, choose Inches or other.
  • Set columns and margins to frame where your content will go. You can change them later, if needed.
Using the New Document dialog box to set up a new document

Add eye-catching text

A creative approach to type can make your pieces stand out. Here are some things to try in the Properties panel.

  • Explore your own fonts along with the many expressive Adobe Fonts.
  • Experiment with formatting, such as font size, leading (vertical space between lines of text), and tracking (horizontal space between characters).
Selecting a headline font using the character section of the Properties panel

Applying colors

Color can evoke emotion and help tell your story. InDesign offers many ways to both mix and apply colors to your design.

  • Save colors in the Swatches panel for consistency and reuse.
  • For color inspiration, the Adobe Color Themes panel lets you explore harmonious and appealing color combinations based on a single color.
Using the Adobe Color Themes panel to select colors

Adding graphics

Graphics, such as images and logos, come from a variety of sources and in a wealth of formats, including JPEG, SVG, TIFF, PNG, AI, and PSD. Choose File > Place to import them.

If you need professional images but don’t have the time or budget for a photo shoot, you can search and license a wide selection of high-quality photos and graphics from Adobe Stock right in the app.

Graphics being added to the layout

Share your designs

When it’s time to share your creative work, you have several options:

  • Print to a local printer.
  • Save it as a PDF and send it to someone else, like a print service provider or colleague, for printing.
  • Circulate it as a digital document in formats like PDF and EPUB, or use the Publish Online feature and get a link to share.

With these guidelines in mind, the next time you need to create a flyer for that special event or create a brochure for your business, you’ll be on your way to professional results.

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