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Effective as of 21 January 2021

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Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise 

Per Million Outgoing Calls

What is Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise?

Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise enables Customer to:

  1. deploy and manage all of the analytics, marketing, and advertising tags necessary to power relevant site visitor experiences on Customer Sites using Adobe and partner-built Extensions (“Launch”); and
  2. send data once sent from the client-side and forward that data on the server side to Customer’s configured end points and/or enrich data during collection using Adobe and partner-built Extensions (“Launch Server Side”).

Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise is subject to the following:


  • Outgoing Calls. Customer may process up to the number of Outgoing Calls authorized in the Sales Order.

Scoping Parameters:

  • Fan Out Ratio. Customer may generate an average of up to 10 Outgoing Calls per one Incoming Call.

Static Limits:

  • Event Size. Launch Server Side supports events that are smaller than 32 kilobytes.
  • Log Retention. Launch Server Side raw logs are retained for 1 hour.  The aggregate number of failed and successful outgoing calls is retained for 3 days.  The aggregate number of monthly outgoing and incoming calls is retained for 12 months.
  • Testing. Customer is responsible for testing Extensions and Libraries before deploying in production.
  • Time Out. Launch Server Side processes will time out after 50 milliseconds.



Extension means a package of code (e.g., JavaScript, HTML and CSS) that extends the Launch UI and client functionality.  Adobe is not responsible for the performance of non-Adobe built Extensions.

Library means a set of instructions for how extensions, data elements and rules will interact with one another and with Customer Sites.

Incoming Call means a network call received by Launch Server Side.

Outgoing Call means a network call from Launch Server Side to either forward data to a Customer-selected end point or to request data from an external system.

Scoping Parameters means usage limits that relate to the scoping of Customer’s proposed use case.  Should Customer exceed a Scoping Parameter, Adobe will work with Customer to remedy the issue leading to over usage. Should Customer persistently exceed a Scoping Parameter, Customer may be required to license additional capacity.

Static Limit means a usage limit that relates to the technical boundaries of Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise.  Customer may not modify Static Limits. 

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