Learn how and when to to apply Guided Upright for user-guided control over perspective adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is now Adobe Lightroom Classic, with the same functionality and features. If you're looking for the all-new photography service, check out Lightroom.

Find a photo that needs perspective correction

Open Lightroom Classic on your desktop and select or import a photo whose vertical and/or horizontal lines aren't straight, like a tall building shot from street level or a crooked horizon. You can use the sample file or a photo of your own. See Import photos into Lightroom to learn more about importing.

Tip: When you're shooting, you're not always in a position to get perspective just right. Shooting up at a tall building can make the building look like it's leaning away from you. A slight tilt of your camera can cause prominent lines in a photo to appear crooked. Guided Upright gives you extra control over perspective problems like these.


Select Guided Upright in the Transform panel

Select the photo you just imported, and click Develop at the top of the screen to open the photo in the Develop module.

Tip: Before you apply Guided Upright, go to the Lens Correction panel and check Enable Profile Corrections. If Lightroom Classic detects that the photo was shot with a supported lens, it will automatically correct for lens distortion, which often will give you a better result when you apply Guided Upright.

Scroll down to the Transform panel, and click to exand the panel. Then click the Guided button to activate Guided Upright.

Hint: The other Upright buttons–Auto, Level, Vertical, and Full–are useful for automatic perspective correction. Guided Upright goes further, giving you the control you sometimes need to get exactly the result you want. To learn more about the other Upright controls, see the tutorial Alter a photo's perspective.

Add Upright Guides

Locate a vertical or horizontal line in the scene that should be straight. Click, hold, and drag partway along that line; then release your mouse to add an Upright Guide.

Repeat along another vertical or horizontal line in the photo to add another upright guide. The lines in the image immediately adjust to the guides you applied, shifting the perspective of the photo.

You can add up to four upright guides to control perspective. 

Complete your perspective adjustment

Click Done in the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen to complete your perspective correction. If you like the result, you're finished.

Optional: Use the Transform sliders in the Transform panel to fine-tune perspective after applying Guided Upright. For example, try dragging the Aspect slider slightly to the left to widen perspective on the photo.

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