Use the Lumetri Color panel to automatically match colors in clips in your sequence. Automatic adjustments are fully editable, allowing you to perfect the finished look of your footage.

What you learned: Match clips automatically with the Lumetri Color panel

Apply an automatic adjustment to match one clip to another, and then make manual adjustments to perfect the result.

Choose Comparison View

  • Click the Comparison View button in the Program Monitor or in the Lumetri Color panel.

Choose a reference frame

  • Choose a reference frame in the Comparison View. When you match another clip, this is the specific frame it will be matched to.

Choose a clip to match to the reference frame

  • Position the Timeline playhead over a clip you would like to match to the reference frame, and ensure the clip is selected. The current frame will be matched to the reference frame, so if the content changes over time, choose a part of the clip that is a good indication of the overall color and brightness.

Enable Face Detection to prioritize skin tones

When Face Detection is enabled, faces are automatically identified and prioritized for color and brightness matching.

Match colors using the Color Wheels

  • When you apply an automatic color match, the adjustment is achieved using the Color Wheels and their accompanying Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights luminance controls.

Make manual adjustments

  • Once the match is applied, all controls remain adjustable.

Tip: Color Match will achieve a close match to the reference frame. You will want to make small adjustments to most clips to reflect a different camera angle or lighting.


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