No analytics data from iOS versions of AEM Mobile apps
In the Adobe Mobile Services interface, no analytics data is visible from an iOS AEM Mobile app.


iOS AMS Mobile applications


Your app has been set to allow HTTPS calls, but your Adobe Mobile Services is set to use HTTP for Analytics.


Set your Analytics to use HTTP

  1. Login to (be sure to click the option to use an Analytics account).
  2. Click Manage Apps.
  3. Click your app name.
  4. Scroll to SDK Analytic Options.
  5. Check the option to use HTTPS.
  6. Scroll down and click save.
  7. Rebuild your app using the AEM Mobile on-demand portal and provide that update to your end users.

Additional information

When using the AEM Mobile on-demand portal to build an iOS app, one of the options is "Only allow HTTPS connections."

Above that option in the UI, there is a caution that reads:
"Before checking the box ensure that your Mobile Marketing SDK Analytics options are set to use HTTPS. Learn more". "Learn More" is a link to this page:

On that page, in the section heading "HTTPS Connectivity", it reads:
"If you select Only allow HTTPS connections, build a development version of your app, and test it thoroughly. Make sure that hyperlinks, dynamic banners, and sign-in features work properly. In addition, to ensure that analytics data is reported properly, go to the Adobe Mobile Services Dashboard and configure your app settings to use HTTPS. (See Analytics for AEM Mobile apps: Configuring Mobile Marketing app settings.)"

Configuring Mobile Marketing app settings" is a link that leads to this page and anchor:

On that page, it lists the steps and sequence to enable HTTPS for the analytics service your app is using:
"Configuring Mobile Marketing app settings
Use the Mobile Marketing Dashboard to configure analytics settings for your project. For example, if you build an app that requires HTTPS domains instead of HTTP, you can edit settings."

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Select Manage Apps > All Apps.
  3. Create an app or select an app.
  4. Change settings as required. For example, select Use HTTPS to ensure that analytics calls are HTTPS compliant.
  5. After you save your settings, rebuild your app. Rebuilding your app is required to pick up any configuration changes made in the Mobile Marketing Dashboard.`