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This Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets feature replicates any changes you make to the asset metadata to the renditions of the asset.  

When you change the metadata for an asset within AEM Assets or while uploading it, the changes are stored within the folder hierarchy defined for the asset.

For example, using the Asset editor, you can modify the Title property of the asset titled "Target" to "Target_1."


In this case, the AEM Assets saves the changes to the Title property in the dc:title parameter for the asset metadata stored in the asset hierarchy.


However, AEM Assets does not automatically propagate any metadata changes to the renditions of an asset.

The XMP writeback to renditions feature helps propagate the metadata changes to all or specific renditions of the asset. However, the changes are not stored under the metadata node in the asset hierarchy. Instead, this feature embeds the changes in the binary files for the renditions. 

To enable the metadata changes to be propagated to the renditions of the asset when uploading it, modify the Adobe CQ DAM Rendition Maker configuration in Configuration Manager. 

  1. Click or tap the AEM logo and then navigate to Tools > Operations > Web Console to open Configuration Manager.


    Alternatively, go to http://<Server>:<Port>/system/console/configMgr directly to open Configuration Manager.

  2. From the list, locate the Adobe CQ DAM Rendition Maker configuration. 

  3. Click the Adobe CQ DAM Rendition Maker configuration to open it.

  4. Select the Propagate XMP option and then click Save


If you want the feature to propagate metadata changes to specific renditions of the asset, add the name of the renditions to the XMP Writeback Process workflow step of DAM Metadata WriteBack workflow. By default, this step is configured with the original rendition.

For example, if you want the metadata changes to propagate to the renditions thumbnail.140.100.png and thumbnail.319.319.png, perform these steps:

  1. Click or tap the AEM logo and then navigate to Tools > Workflow and then click or tap the Models tile on the Navigation page.

  2. Open the DAM Metadata Writeback option and tap/click Edit.

  3. In the DAM Metadata Writeback page, open the XMP Writeback Process step.

  4. Click the Process tab, and add the arguments rendition:cq5dam.thusmbnail.140.100.png,rendition:cq5dam.thumbnail.319.319.png in the Arguments box and click OK.


The metadata changes are propagated to the renditions renditions thumbnail.140.100.png and thumbnail.319.319.png of the asset, and not the others.


To troubleshoot issues around XMP metadata extraction and writeback on 64 bit Linux, see How to enable XMP metadata extraction and write-back on 64-bit RedHat Linux.

For more information about supported platforms, see XMP metadata write-back prerequisites.