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This page describes the steps involved in creating an On-Demand app and then associating the app to a Cloud Configuration.

Creating an On-Demand Application

Creating an app is often the first step towards creating and managing AEM Mobile On-Demand content, and is often performed at the AEM Administrator level. It represents a content shell, viewable on mobile devices, ready to display author created content such as articles, images, collections, etc.

The details of your app can be viewed in the Dashboard or AEM Mobile Control Center. 


The Dashboard is a series of useful tiles which give an overview of the app's content, metadata, and AEM Mobile On-Demand connection status.

See AEM Mobile Application Dashboard for details.

To create an on-demand app:

  1. Select Mobile from the side rail.

  2. Click Create and select App from the drop down.

  3. Choose the Mobile app template and click Next.

  4. Enter app properties such as Title, Name, Description.

  5. Click Next.

  6. If known, enter cloud config details, otherwise click Create.

  7. Click Done to view your new AEM Mobile app in the catalog.



This process lets you create an app instance in AEM.

Associating an On-Demand App to a Cloud Configuration

This step allows AEM to communicate directly with a Mobile On-Demand hosted project by establishing a two way link. By linking your app to a Mobile On-Demand project, you will be able to perform content creation, such as articles, banners, etc within AEM, but also serve that content to Mobile On-Demand. From there, publishing, previewing etc becomes possible. You can also import existing Mobile On-Demand content into AEM and perform content editing.

To setup the link to the cloud configuration:

  1. Ensure you have an existing On-Demand client and cloud configuration.
  2. From Mobile, choose your Mobile On-Demand app from the catalog.
  3. Click the gear icon on the Manage Connection tile.
  4. Choose your already configured Mobile On-Demand connection.
  5. Choose the project you wish to associate with your app.
  6. Click Update to finish.

Getting Ahead

Once you are familiar with creating an on-demand application and thus associating that app to a cloud configuration, see Content Management Actions.

To learn about the other two roles and responsibilities, see the resources below: