An accordion consists of multiple collapsibles. When one collapsible in the accordion is expanded, the others are collapsed.

Item A Item A content Item B Item B content Item C Item C content


Calendar depicts a navigable calendar that can show a selected date, and have the client select another date. Please note that for the `next` and `previous` month buttons to show properly, the embedding document is required to have set in its tag.


Image Girl's Eyes 3 4 Collection Asset Collection


Clock allows the user to choose a time using the 24h format.


The Datepicker component provides desktop and touch friendly for both date and time selection. The component leverages moment.js for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates.



This dialog was created from markup. Dialogs can also be created with JavaScript.


A drawer displays some content (hidden by default) that can be opened and closed with a sliding animation.


Panel 0: This is the content of Panel 1 Panel 1: This is the content of Panel 1. There are more Panels defined in the PanelStack ! Panel 2: This is the content of Panel 2 Panel 3: This is the content of Panel 3. You need JavaScript to interact with this component Panel 4: This is the content of Panel 4


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Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Cereals Hot Dogs Baked Salmon
Toast Kebab Korean BBQ
Coffee Pasta Beef steak
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Step 1 Step 2 This is the content of the first step.

This is the content of the second step.