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AEM 6.3 Forms known issues and resolutions.

Forms Workflow

  • Users of the workflow-editors user group do not have access to Adobe Sign cloud configurations. The access is required to create a workflow model with Adobe Sign steps.
    To resolve the issue, log in to AEM instance with administrative privileges, navigate to Tools > Security > Permissions, search and select the workflow-editors group, open the Permissions tab, and navigate to /etc/cloudservices/echosign, enable the read permission, and click Save.
  • When a task is configured to load form of type non-interactive PDF Document and it is opened in Mozilla Firefox, the user comments are not saved. Moreover, if the task is opened directly using the URL, then the success dialog does not cover the complete screen and PDF view is visible in the background.
    To resolve the issue, set up Mozilla Firefox to open non-interactive PDF Document with Firefox-native PDF viewer. In Mozilla Firefox, open Preferences > Applications. In Content Type, choose Portable Document Format (PDF), and set Action to Preview in PDF.
  • When a task is approved and the workflow model for the task does not contain instructions to send email, then an email is automatically sent to the assignee and the email uses an old template.
    To resolve the issue, open AEM Web Console, open the Day CQ Workflow Email Notification Service, deselect the Notify on Complete option, and click Save.
  • If you are logged in as an administrator, you can select any group for the Access Group field. If you are logged in as a non-administrator user and you are part of the fd-administrator group, then you are able to view only those groups which you are a member of.
    To make another group appear for the non-admin users, make the group part of the fd-administrator group.
  • When a workflow application is opened on an Apple iPad and the length of adaptive form or PDF document is more than one page, then the fields of the form and content of the second page of the PDF document are lost. So, workflow applications do not support forms and PDF documents which are longer than one page or require scrolling on Apple iPad. 

Data integration

  • When adding associations in a form data model, predefined associations of a JDBC data source are not retained in the form data model. You must create them manually in the form data model.
  • AEM logs include query statements and data from the data sources when the DEBUG mode is enabled for the AEM logs. 

Adaptive forms

  • Template authors should not be able to write scripts in adaptive forms template but due to an issue template authors are able to write scripts at node structure level.
  • The Day CQ Mail Service does not work on AEM Forms JEE. For workaround, see
  • The specified maximum number of characters for an adaptive form text box is not honored on Android 6.0 Samsung devices.

Correspondence Management

  • Letter, saved as draft instance, fails to load if any document fragment used in it includes <, >, &, ", or ' in the Description field.
    To resolve the issue, remove these characters from the Description field of the document fragment and reload the letter.

Process Reporting

  • The Export to CSV option returns an error and .cvs file is not downloaded.
    To resolve the issue, go to http://[server]:[port]/lc/system/console/configMgr, open the Adobe Granite CSRF Filter configuration, remove POST from the Filter Methods field, and click Save.

Forms analytics and reporting

  • Methods to calculate average fill time for forms and average read time for adaptive documents have changed. So, when you upgrade to AEM 6.3 forms, older data (data from previous AEM Forms release) for these metrics is available only in Adobe Analytics. It is not visible in AEM Forms analytics reports. For these metrics, AEM Forms analytics reports display data which is captured after performing the upgrade.

AEM Forms App

  • Third party web fonts in an adaptive form do not get rendered in AEM Forms App in the offline mode. 

AEM Forms Designer

  • If the protectedMode option is enable, HTML5 preview does not work in AEM Forms Designer.
    To resolve the issue, Log in to AEM Web Console as an administrator, open Mobile Forms Configurations, deselect the Protected Mode option, and click Save.

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