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This article describes how to make a public folder private and conversely in AEM Assets.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets lets you apply access restrictions on a public folder by making it private.

If necessary, you can later remove the access restrictions and make the folder public.

This ability is helpful when you want to switch between limiting access to your most recent assets and sharing them later based on your business requirements.

  1. From the Assets user interface, tap/click Create from the toolbar and choose Folder from the menu.

  2. In the dialog, enter a title and name for the folder.

  3. Select Private to make the folder private and then tap/click Create.

  4. In the Assets user interface, select the folder you created and tap/click the Properties icon from the toolbar to open the properties page for the folder.

  5. To make the folder publicly accessible, select the Remove Private Folder Restrictions option under the Details tab.

  6. Save the changes. The folder is now accessible to all users.

  7. To reapply private folder restrictions, select the folder and open the properties page.

  8. Select the Make Folder Private option under the Details tab.

  9.  Save the changes. Only you can access the folder now.