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This page contains links to the Intershop website. Certain areas need an account for full access.

Deploying eCommerce with Intershop

Deploying the necessary eCommerce packages provides the full functionality of the eCommerce framework, together with a reference implementation of eCommerce functionality as provided with Intershop implementation (including a demonstration catalog).

This catalog is available under the English (US) branch (/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US) of the Geometrixx Outdoors site.

Technical Requirements

This document applies to both Intershop 7.4 and Intershop 7.4 CI (Continuous Integration).

Setup Geometrixx in Intershop 7

This procedure will initialize the Intershop system with a Geometrixx organization to work with the AEM reference implementation.


The three following Intershop 7 cartridges must have been successfully deployed on the Intershop instance:

  • adobe_app_sf_rest
  • adobe_app_bo_ch_sales
  • adobe_init

A database initialization needs to be performed on adobe_init. To do that:

  1. Add the cartridge to the dbinit section of the

  2. Open an ANT build shell.

  3. Type:

    dbinit -t=adobe_init -!
  4. Login to the new Geometrixx organization:

    • Login: admin
    • Password: intershop7
    • Organization: Geometrixx


See the Intershop Knowledge Base for more information.

Installation of eCommerce with Intershop

To install AEM with an Intershop integration configuration (using the demonstration catalog, Geometrixx Outdoors), the basic steps are:

  1. Install the demonstration content packages using the Package Manager.


    Packages are available on demand. To be able to find and download them, please contact Intershop.

  2. Author any supplementary pages that you need in AEM.

Configure the Intershop REST Client:

  1. Open Intershop REST Client.

  2. Update the properties to point to the Intershop instance.



Use of the Intershop server requires a separate Intershop license.