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This page keeps a list of known issues from Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 that was released in April 2019.

Contact support if you need more information about the known issues.


An issue is reported where the CRX-Quickstart, and its contents, are deleted.

On each of these actions, please ensure that the property "htmllibmanager.fileSystemOutputCacheLocation" is never an empty string:

1. Calling "/libs/granite/ui/content/dumplibs.rebuild.html?invalidate=true".
2. Upgrading to AEM 6.5. 
3.  Executing "lazy content migration" on AEM 6.5.

A Knowledge Base article is available with further details and the workaround for this issue.


  • Search: Search does not result any returns if the search string contains leading space(s) (OAK-4786)
  • Folder Metadata Schema: After adding a choice button, the ID and Value field are not rendered as expected and the delete functionality does not work. (CQ-4261144)
  • When renaming an asset, it is not possible to use a whitespace in the asset name. (CQ-4266403)


  • When AEM Forms is installed on Linux oprating system, Digital Signature with Hardware Security Module do not work. (CQ-4266721)
  • (AEM Forms on WebSphere only) The Forms Workflow > Task Search option does not return any result if you search for an Administrator with Username as the search criteria. (CQ-4266457)
  • AEM Forms fails to convert .tif and .tiff files with JPEG compression to PDF Documents. (CQ-4265972)
  • The AEM Forms Assets Scanner and Letter to Interactive Communication Migration options do not work on the AEM Forms Migration page. (CQ-4266572)
  • (JBoss 7 only) When you upgrade from a previous version to AEM 6.5 Forms and the previous version had processes  (.lca) that created and used a copy of the default submit or default render process,  HTML5 Forms using such processes (.lca) fails to perform the required actions. (CQ-4243928)
  • In an adaptive from, when a form data model service is invoked from the rule editor to dynamically update values of the image choice component, values of the image choice component are not updated. (CQ-4254754)
  • AEM Forms Designer installer requires the 32-bit version of Visual C++ redistributable runtime package 2012 and Visual C++ redistributable runtime packages 2013. Ensure that the aforementioned redistributable runtime packages are installed before starting the installation. (CQ-4265668)
  • When an adaptive form is configured to dynamically update values of a component and the publish instance that hosts the form is accessed through the dispatcher, the functionality to dynamically update values of a fields stop working. To resolve the issue, on the publish instance, open CRXDE, navigate to /libs/fd/af/runtime/clientlibs/guideChartReducer, and create the property listed in below.
    • Name: allowProxy
    • Type: Boolean
    • Value: true
    • Protected: False
    • Mandatory: False
    • Multiple: False
    • Auto Created: Flase

The property enables the client libraries under the runtime folder to access proxies. (CQ-4268679)


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