Workflow Enhancements for AEM 6.5

In AEM 6.5 the following ehancements were introduced:

  • Workflow Status
  • Bulk Processing of Workflows
  • Workflow UI enhancements

Workflow Status

The feature gives the ability for an AEM user to configure their view by adding the new Worfklow Status column. It shows basic information on the workflow(s) that page or asset is part of, as well as an easy way to navigate to the detailed workflow rail.

  1. Go to the in the List view/View settings in both Sites and Assets.
  2. Select Workflow.

The Timeline now shows the Workflow column. For more details on the specific workflow, hover over the workflow title.


Bulk Processing of Workflows

A new button was added to Card, List or Column views called Select All. This button can be used in any of the views to select ALL elements in the data set, and not just the ones that are loaded in the client browser.


Three operations are enabled for "bulk" processing: Move, Copy and Delete.

Bulk selection in Card view. Click Select All:


Bulk Selection in List View. Select the checkbox beside Name:


Bulk Selection in Column view. 


Bulk Selection Workflow Operations

After bulk selecting the Workflow you can perform on of the following options: MoveCopy and Delete.

Workflow UI Enhancements

AEM 6.5 introduces the following enhancements to the Workflow UI:

  • Copy Workflow Models and Launchers
  • Workflow Editor now includes a Quick Publish button
  • Revert an out of the box Workflow to its original state after it has been edited
  • A new warning when editing an out of the box workflow, indicating it should be copied instead
  • Deleting an out of the box Workflow should restore original version under /Libs directory
  • You can no longer delete Workflows under the /Libs directory