HTTP Service interface for Package Management


Is it possible to manage content packages on a command-line basis?

Answer, Resolution

Starting with CRX 1.4.1, an HTTP Service interface is available which allows for managing packages using the command-line, e.g. curl or wget.

Following operations are currently supported:

  • help overview
  • package upload (via POST)
  • listing of packages on remote repository
  • installation
  • deletion

To trigger the above operations, simply send requests using curl/wget to following URLs. Response is always XML:

// help overview
$ curl http://<host>:<port>/crx/packmgr/service.jsp

// package listing
$ curl -u <uid>:<pwd> http://<host>:<port>/crx/packmgr/service.jsp?cmd=ls

// package upload
$ curl -u <uid>:<pwd> -F name=mycontent -F file=@cq-wcm-sling-content-5.1.11.jar \

// package install
$ curl -u admin:admin http://<host>:<port>/crx/packmgr/service.jsp?cmd=inst&

Please have a look at the help screen which provides some more details on the available commands. For documentation on the HTTP Service interface for CRX 2.0, please refer to our official documentation [1] on

Applies to

CRX >= 1.4.1