#34667 - Fixes and enhancements for Omniture integration


  1. Test&Target: Allow uploading custom mbox.js
  2. Test&Target: use mboxCreate, additionally call mboxUpdate if ClickstreamCloud parameters are passed
  3. Test&Target: support static mbox parameters
  4. Make it easier to pass hardcoded values into Sitecatalyst
  5. Overwriting in /apps does not work as expected in sitecatalyst and test&target
  6. Analytics: Several widgets are not rendered correctly
  7. Can't map to Sitecatalyst Event
  8. SiteCatalyst: record function should work when no payload is provided
  9. Allow mapping to override basic variables
  10. Analytics: CheckableFieldSet component disregards ingoreData property
  11. Analytics: Baseline Mapping contains typo which leads to a JavaScript error
  12. Allow Default Content for mbox
  13. SiteCatalyst: mapping events not updated in clickstreamcloud without page reload
  14. SiteCatalyst: events cache is not cleared when multiple SC calls are made on the same page
  15. Template should be tracked as part of baseline mapping
  16. Analytics component should validate that clickstream cloud is included
  17. Some sitecatalyst plugin values do not need a configured SC setup
  18. SiteCatalyst: predefined events are not mapped correctly
  19. Integrate package for tracking ratings
  20. Integrate package for tracking comments
  21. Integrate package for tracking the login component
  22. Removing a variable mapping in Clickstream Cloud seems impossible
  23. The list of evars and events provided in the mapping window is not correctly filtered


Issues are fixed by CQ5.4 HotFix package #34667. Please raise a DayCare ticket to obtain this package.

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