How to start CQ5 using cron


We start CQ5 with cron, but it always start 2 processes, the second process is child of the first one, gui is displayed on some unix terminal. Then stopping the process only stop the first process, the second process is still running then which may lead to trouble when next time the start script is called. Most used case is scheduled stop/start for backup procedure.

Answer, Resolution

CQ5 Quickstart doesn"t detect properly system settings and try to fork the java process with more options.

To avoid this problem, it is possible to force the option so that Quickstart doesn't fork at startup.

Add the following option to the QUICKSTART_OPTS variable defined in the serverctl script. (default is commented)

  1. edit serverctl from your crx-quickstart/server installation and find QUICKSTART_OPTS
  2. add the "-nofork" option (uncomment the line if it wasn't done yet)
  3. save

Check that the next time cron will run the start script, that it doesn't have 2 processes anymore.

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