How to install OSGi bundles via CRX packages


How do I include bundles in my CRX package or install them by dropping them in the JCR repository via webdav?

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You can install OSGi bundles via CRX packages or by dropping them in the CRX repository via webdav. This can be done by including the bundle in a folder named install under your application directory.

For example if you had an application "testapp" and a bundle you wanted to install called testappbundle-1.0.jar you could drop the bundle in the following folder /apps/testapp/install/testappbundle-1.0.jar.

See detailed info about this here [1].

Inclusion in a CRX Package

To include an OSGi bundle in a CRX package do the following:

  1. Log into webdav (see here [2] for how to connect to CRX webdav)
  2. Via webdav create an install folder under your application and copy your bundle under the new folder /apps/<appname>/install/
  3. Log into the CRX web application (http://host:port/crx) as admin
  4. Go to the CRX "Package Manager" and create a new package or modify your existing application code package
  5. Under the path definition /apps/<appname>, define the following include and exclude rules
  • include pattern="/apps/<appname>(/.*)?"
  • exclude pattern="/apps/<appname>/install(/.*)?"

Note: these rules ensure that your bundle will be reinstalled upon every reinstall of the package. See here for more info on this issue here [3]

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[2] Access
[3] Bundle fails to install